Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Patricia Street Deli (Jasper)

I'm sorry! I'm turning into my sister. I haven't written a post in like 3 months! Please don't boycott my blog, I promise to write more I've been extremely busy (not really). I know it's a little late for this post but who cares (don't answer that).

Really cool pictures I took in Jasper:

When we were in Jasper we went to a deli that Dad had gone to when he went to Jasper for work. It was called Patricia Street Deli. We went there twice in the 3-4 days we were there! The family working there was really nice. They were all really funny. The sandwiches were also really good! Way better than Subway!

I got ham, cheese, veggies (I can't remember everything it's been over 3 months) and NO SAUCE! I strongly suggest going to Patricia Street Deli if you're ever in Jasper, tell anyone you know about it!

I give Patricia Street Deli ***** out of 5 stars (I'm not just being nice)!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trip reviews---Edmonton

Science Centre
While we were in Edmonton we didn't go to any restaurants or see any movies but we had a great time with our family! On our first full day we went to the Science Centre. It was fun! There was an exhibit on the movie Robots and an exhibit with a house and you went in and had to look for clues to solve the crime (that one was my favourite) it was really cool.

I give the Science Centre ***1/2 out of 5 stars!

Fort Edmonton
On our second full day in Edmonton we went to Fort Edmonton. It was lots of fun! If you don't know what it is it's this town with different streets from different years a long time ago. There is a train that takes you from the entrance to the fort (Fort Edmonton). There's also a street car that drives around the town. We went on that, it was really cool! There lots of cool places, there's a cafe, a drugstore, a lounge, a little school/church, a few houses, a theater and a lot of other things!!! 

Across from the entrance there's midway a with a fast Ferris wheel, a merry go round, some mini rides and some games! We went on the Ferris wheel and it was really fun!!!

We had our picnic lunch at some tables behind the buildings. There were chickens walking around all the tables, they were really annoying!!!

A car that drove around:

A building in Fort Edmonton:

The chickens:

I give Fort Edmonton ****1/2 out of five stars!!

West Edmonton Mall Waterpark!!!
On our way back through, we went to West Edmonton Mall!!! More specifically we went to the waterpark for about 5 1/2 hours and then shopped for about 2 hours!!! Then we met Moms brother and his family for supper at the Old Spaghetti Factory! The waterpark was awesome!!! One of the first slides I went on was a shorter steep slide. You rode down it on a toboggan thingy! It was so much fun but it hurt your butt at the bottom!!! There were 4 levels for the slides, beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme. I went on 1 of the extreme slides 4 times, it was so much fun!!! It was called Nessie's revenge. It was purple and bumpy!!!

The wave pool is also really fun! We saw 4 or 5 bungee jumpers (none of them from our family)!!!

Toboggan slide (far left), Nessie's revenge (middle) and some other slide:

I give the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark ***** out of five stars!!!!!!!!!!

Scroll down to see "Saskatoon---Trip reviews" (this is not a link).

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Trip reviews---Saskatoon

Homestead is an awesome ice cream place in Saskatoon! We go there every summer! Thea and my Auntie Karen always get grape! I got cookies and cream this time. Once I had watermelon, I didn't like it! At Homestead there are tables inside and on a patio. We always go out to the patio with our ice cream! 

If you're ever in Saskatoon during the summer and you are looking for dessert go to Homestead!!! It's awesome!!!!!

I give Homestead ***** out of five!!!!!!!!

Muppet Movie
On our birthday, in the evening, when we were at Uncle Vern and Auntie Karen's house after a ballgame and supper and dessert and a whole bunch of fun things we watched the new(ish) Muppet Movie. It was me, Thea, Mom, Dad, Uncle Vern, Auntie Karen and our cousin Tanya. 

The Muppet Movie was really funny! It was awesome, the perfect way to end our day! There were lots of  people, and lots of Muppets! I really liked it. I'm pretty sure we all did!

I give the Muppet Movie ***** out of five stars!!!!!!!!!!

This is what Grandma made us for dessert on our birthday:

My choice was banana cream pie!

Thea chose chocolate log!

Monday, 7 May 2012

UNBURGER---Restaurant review

Before I start reviewing the UNBURGER I'd like to point out that the computer doesn't let me cross out the letters in UNBURGER in the title space.

On Sunday we went to a burger restaurant called UNBURGER after Dad ran the Winnipeg Police Service half marathon (I better not get a whole load of comments about the half marathon) (I do want you to comment though). It was really funky!!! When you walk in you go to the counter and order, then you get your drink out of a fridge thing that says coke on it. You can get coke or sprite in a glass bottle (funky) I got sprite. Then you find a table or sit on stools at a rectangular bar thingy (funky). After you order they give you a little plastic toy that was probably free at McDonald's  and you put it on your table (funky). We got a furbie! If you don't watch T.V. or you just haven't seen the commercial or heard of a furbie, it is a little animal/monster that talks and moves and stuff. It only talks and moves and stuff if you buy it from an actual store and buy the actual thing! Coming from McDonald's all you can do with it is push it's tail and watch it's ears go cover it's unusually-big eyes! That's a good thing, after all your there to eat the food! Hopefully.

The food was awesome (funky)! I had a cheese burger. I didn't get mayo because I don't like mayo, I took off the lettuce, guess who ate that, and left the tomato under the square bread (funky) and on top of cheese, burger and another slice of square bread! My only complaint was that the cheese was to cheesy and strong! The fries were amazingly deliciously totally awesome and funky!!!

I give UNBURGER ****1/2 out of five stars!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Titanic---Movie review

This afternoon/evening, we went to see Titanic in 3D. It was really, really good but really, really sad. There are a few scary parts but no too many and there are two really inappropriate parts but they don't last extremely long.

The Titanic was huge and so detailed and fancy! It was also a really different time so there are a bunch of things such as all the women and children are told to get into the life boats first and some men would have to swim back to there wife and children. It was also first class before everybody else on the ship. There also weren't enough life boats for everyone, only about half of the people.

In the movie, the story is told really well and it is very interesting (the 3D doesn't really do anything). All the actors were really good and dramatic. Some parts were a bit louder than they needed to be. It was a very dramatic tragedy.

I would say that the Titanic isn't a good movie for younger or even not so young children because of some parts I have already wrote about. 

I give the Titanic movie ****1/2 out of 5 stars!

Here are a few pics:

Friday, 23 March 2012

Another Cinderella Story---Movie review

While we were in Vancouver there was one night, like last year, that our parents went out for supper and we stayed home and watched Cinderella Story and Another Cinderella Story. We gave those two movies to Hannah, Ellie and Sasha for their birthdays!

They are both really good movies but since I've already done a post about Cinderella Story I will write about Another Cinderella Story!

Another Cinderella Story is similar to Cinderella Story but also very different! In Another Cinderella Story Selena Gomez plays the "Cinderella" named Mary. The story is that Mary lives with a lady who was a famous singer but isn't really anymore, she wants to do a duet with a really famous dude named (whats my name) Joey Parker so she can be famous again. He doesn't want to! Anyways, I don't want to give anything more away so ya.

I think I liked Another Cinderella Story more than Cinderella Story!
I give Another Cinderella Story ****1/2 out of five stars!